Trainer Mega 30

This is a combination of natural plant extracts used to stimulate the physiological development of plants. Given the nature of TRAINER 30, the product is designed to strengthen plants during periods of stress of any type, or as a complement to traditional fertiliser when significant production and quality objectives are required, while respecting the environment and the biological processes of plants.

The amino acids contained in this product are obtained through the enzymatic hydrolysis of leguminous plant proteins so that they are able to be quickly absorbed through the leaf stomata before arriving in the lymph. Its application allows the plant to save a significant amount of energy since it is a product that penetrates into the plant’s cell membranes and is involved in the metabolic processes, returning the plant to optimal growing conditions.



The hydrolysis of any product on the market has never been taken to this extreme. We have selected different varieties of seeds to obtain a perfect aminogram. Large amounts of free amino acids and, above all, the highest concentration of the most effective amino acids for plants.