Duetto líquid

Duetto Liquid


Duetto Liquid is the result of a careful selection of plant organic substances. It contains plant extracts produced through microbial fermentation of chenopodioideas, organic nitrogen and as well as humic and fulvic acids.



Given the product’s organic nitrogen and potassium content, as well as the high-quality organic matter, it is suitable for fertilising both rapidly growing crops (horticultural leaf or fruit crops) and slower growing or potassium demanding crops in which quality and production are the most important factors (vines, olives, fruit trees, tobacco etc). DUETTO LIQUID only contains natural organic potassium which positively influences the plant’s development. In addition, due to its content of exclusively organic natural nitrogen, DUETTO LIQUID is able to nourish plants in areas with high levels of saline and alkaline. Its use is also recommended in areas where there is excess chlorine or for crops particularly sensitive to chlorine.


In addition to nourishing crops, DUETTO LIQUID provides a large amount of organic matter and humic acids which improve the ground’s structure, increase hydric reserves and activate the soil’s micro-organisms, attenuating the ground’s fatigue, that is to say activating and improving soil fertility. As a result, DUETTO LIQUID has significant fertilising and nutritional benefits for the crops.