DIX 10 N

Dix 10 N

DIX 10 N is the result of a careful selection of organic substances (guano and keratins) and experience gained over the years, with the aim of producing a fertiliser characterised by the transfer of nitrogen over a period of time equal to the average duration of the a crop cycle. There are various types of organic substances that contain nitrogen but none have a nitrogen transfer rate as regular and fast enough to be able to satisfy plants when they most need it, like DIX 10 N does.

 DIX 10 N is an organic fertiliser approved for organic agriculture according to Legislative Decree Num. 217 of 29th April 2006.

DIX 10 N is a product manufactured in an accredited industrial plant (Authorisation Num. 833DT3) according to Regulation CE 1774/2002 for the transformation of animal by-products.