AEGIS Sym Pastilla

Aegis Sym


AEGIS SYM tablets are a formulation expressly studied for rapid and practical mycorrhization in already established plants (containers and fields) or for its application during transplant; you just need to place the tablet (1 = 7 cc of inoculum) under the plant’s root to induce the beneficial effects of AEGIS. Each unit contains a significant quantity of organic substances and micro elements, a substrate essential for guaranteeing effective collaboration between the organism and the plant’s roots. The mycorrhiza formation process begins with germination of the spores, which are resistance structures. Said spores emit a germ tube or tubes and the fungal mycelium grows until it finds a host root, where it then forms a structure similar to an appressorium and penetrates between the epidermal cells or through the root hairs. After this penetration, the colonisation of the root’s parenchymatous tissue begins.

When internal colonisation is well established, the fungal hyphae can grow externally from the plant’s root to the soil (external mycelium) and explore a volume of the soil inaccessible to the roots; with this the plant increases its absorption surface area considerably, from 100 to 1000 times as much and therefore its nutrient and water uptake capacity.


AEGIS Sym tablets provide plants with significant benefits; better absorption of water and mineral nutrients from the ground, increased survival on transplant, greater resistance/tolerance to certain pathogens from the soil and to hydric and saline stress. For transplants, place the tablets required under the plant in direct contact with the roots and once the transplant is complete, irrigate with plenty of water.


For plants already established, bury the tablets required in the soil so they are in permanent contact with the roots. Then irrigate with plenty of water. The application of soil disinfectants, fungicidal treatments and fertilisers with a high phosphorous content may affect or inhibit the development of mycorrhizal fungi. However, tests carried out show that some active fungicides are compatible with AEGIS Sym Tablets when applied at the recommended doses. Suitable for use on all plant species with the exception of the following: spruce, poplar, cork oak, hazel, azalea, blueberry, chestnut, carnation, cabbage, holm oak, beech, laurel, orchid, pine trees, quercus, radish, beets, oak and rhododendrum.