20 years imagining a new agriculture


Reinventing agriculture

We dream of a different agriculture and we are dedicated to making this a reality

A new way of understanding agriculture
It is obvious to us that the world of agriculture requires change. In fact, it is already experiencing it. While for many years the use of all types of substances for treating plants was standard and normal, international regulation, together with the collective conscience of the need to have healthy agriculture, is reinventing the sector.
At ATENS we are ready to cooperate to make this reinvention a reality, betting on sustainable agriculture, which means zero residue.

Necessary agriculture

ATENS is counting on the reinvention of agriculture using the “zero residue” maxim, with products designed to maximise profitability for the producer.

Understanding the new world

Each year Annex I prohibits substances that are considered to be cancerogenic or mutagenic. At ATENS, we work with biotechnology that is completely harmless to health.

Constant innovation

We research, question, test, make mistakes and try again. This is the only way to produce innovative and functional products.

ATENS was created in Barcelona in 1994.

ATENS’ fundamental objective is to create a company dedicated to biotechnological production and development for agriculture; this was the brainchild of the engineer Nello Bonino, son of the founder of ITALPOLLINO, a pioneer in the production of organic fertiliser.

A modern plant located in Riera de Gaià

In 1999. ATENS constructed a modern production plant in Riera de Gaià (Tarragona), equipped with a modern laboratory, two warehouses, a greenhouse and offices.

To continue reinventing the future

Our aim is to continue developing new technologies for agriculture and provide sustainable and zero residue crops for the future.