Performance, productivity, quality and profit for the farmer.


Quality, environmental and energy efficiency policy

Atens is a world leader in the production of micro-organisms for agriculture. This was created with the aim of developing biotechnical products that prove to be essential for the various crops, providing the farmer with performance, productivity, quality and profit.

In addition to micro-organisms, Atens specialises in plant extracts and nutritional products.
At the same time, ATENS aims to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction, meeting all their expectations with every one of the products and services it offers them. With this principle in mind, we work to build trust with our clients on a daily basis.
Therefore, and with the aim of quality products and a quality service guaranteeing the satisfaction of all of our users and based on the continuous improvement of all of our processes, ATENS has developed and implemented a Quality Control System in accordance with Standard UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 to be applied to all of its products and services.
At the same time, due to its interest in conserving the environment, ATENS Management has become aware of the need to not only respect the environment but safeguard against abuse of the same. Therefore, ATENS has also committed to complying with standards UNE EN ISO 14001 on the Environment and UNE EN ISO 50001 on Energy Efficiency, described in the Integrated Management System, in addition to the three aforementioned standards.

ATENS’ Management intends to accomplish this as follows:
- Identifying our processes to be able to improve effectiveness and direct them towards the expectations of our clients and environmental protection.
- Knowing our customers’ level of satisfaction.
- Managing human and economic resources to guarantee the capacity required so that the products and services provided are as optimal as possible, respecting the natural environment and focusing on the acquisition of energy efficient products or services and their design to improve energy performance.
- Dedicating efforts to the prevention of environmental contamination.
- Analysing the data to obtain better control of our processes and making decisions to guarantee continuous improvement of the same thus reducing the environmental impact that our products and processes have.
- Complying with all the legal and regulatory requirements that we apply.
- Establishing and revising the environmental objectives and targets set out by Management.

The Quality Management System, including the Quality Policy, is revised at intervals defined by the company’s management, to guarantee its benefits, suitability and continuous effectiveness.
This Policy must be understood and assumed by everyone, with the Management being the first to assume the directives described.

Verónica Cirino

General Manager

"This company’s driving force is the ability to create customised products for agriculture, to be able to adapt to our society’s changes and evolution. Our company is at the cutting edge when it comes to distinguishing the demands of the field. "