CAAE Organic Certificate


Organic certification

The CAAE Certification Service is a subsidiary of Asociación Valor Ecológico. Since 1991, we have offered specialised certification services required by operators from the organic production sector.

The extensive experience of our professionals, a leading position at national and international level and the calling that characterises us gives producers and companies the utmost confidence.

We are an independent not-for-profit entity, a pioneer in the organic sector and focused on innovation. In addition to the official standards that regulate the main markets, our catalogue of certification services includes approval from other international bodies and certification programmes based on private standards from the Asociación Valor Ecológico.

We are accredited by the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (Association of National Accreditation Bodies - ENAC) under standard UNE EN 45011, authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and the Environment and by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha.


In addition, we are also accredited by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to perform certification activities under NOP standards (National Organic Program).