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Since July 2012, ATENS has developed the rigourous application of ISO standards internally.

certificat9001.pngISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 is based on the quality management system since it is an international standard focusing on all of the quality administration methods used by a company for an effective system allowing for the administration and improvement of the quality of its products and services. Clients lean towards suppliers with this accreditation because this is a way of ensuring that the company selected has a good quality management system.

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certificat14001.pngISO 14001:2004

ISO 4001 is an internationally accepted standard certifying the establishment of an effective environmental management system. The standard is designed to manage the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing the environmental impact.

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ISO 14000

Standard ISO 14000 is an internationally accepted standard used to certify the existence of an effective Environmental Management System. The standard is designed to achieve a balance between  maintaining profitability and reducing the impact on the environment and, with the support of organisations, both objectives can be achieved.

Standard ISO 14000 is aimed at any organisation, of any size in any sector, that is looking to reduce its impact on the environment and to comply with environmental legislation.


The proper application of standard ISO 14000 is important:

  • For everyone

The International Standards can contribute to a better quality of life in general, ensuring that the transport, machinery and instruments we use are healthy and safe.

For the planet we live on

Because International Standards exist concerning air, water and soil quality, as well as concerning gas emissions and radiation, we can contribute to the protection of the environment. The ISO only develops those standards for which there is market demand. The work is carried out by experts from industrial, technical and business sectors that have requested standards and that propose their subsequent use. These experts may work with others with relevant knowledge, such as: representatives of government agencies, consumer organisations, academics, testing laboratories and international experts in their own fields.

ISO 50001

This is a standard international standard developed by ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) in which it sets out the requirements for the establishment of an energy management system. This standard is applicable to all types of companies and organisations, large and small as well as public and private, dedicated to the provision of services and the development of products and equipment. The standard’s main aim is to constantly improve energy performance and efficiency as well as to identify opportunities to reduce energy use. This systematic focus will help organisations to establish systems and processes. Consistent energy management helps organisations to discover and make the most of their energy efficiency potential. They can benefit from cost savings and make a significant contribution to climatic and environmental protection (through a permanent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for example). The standard must warn employees and particularly those at board and managerial level of the potential long-term gains concerning energy consumption. The organisation may describe possible savings and competitive advantages. It may also strengthen the company’s image.

ISO 50001:2011

ISO 50001:2001 is a relatively new standard resulting from UNE EN 16001 concerning energy management systems. It aims to help organisations to establish systems and processes required to improve their energy performance, including energy efficiency and the use and consumption of energy.

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