ACOPAEX uses ATENS plant extracts in the majority of its organic products to achieve great results and very substantial crop yields.

Created in 1991, ACOPAEX Sociedad Cooperativa is a group of agricultural companies producing and selling a wide range of products. ACOPAEX offers the end customer its own brand of fruit and extra virgin olive oil. ACOPAEX includes seventeen companies representing over 2,000 farmers in Extremadura. Our philosophy is to maintain and improve our partners’ income reconciling this objective with demands from the market and consumers themselves who are focused on having quality food that is safe for their health and produced respecting the environment. This philosophy is based on three pillars; Technical Service in farmers’ fields, Installation and Quality Control Service and the Commercial Service for our partners.

J. Pablo Hidalgo

Head of the Dept. of Services and Supplies at ACOPAEX

Atens is a company that offers us product technology that produces optimal agronomic results and we are working with them within our network of trials, complying with the eco-conditionality required in Europe.