20 years of transforming agriculture


The company

A company dedicated to the production and development of biotechnology for agriculture.

ATENS SL was established in Barcelona in 1994 with the aim of creating a company dedicated to the production and development of biotechnology for agriculture.

This innovative project was the initiative of the engineer Nello Bonino, the son of the founder of the Italian company ITALPOLLINA, which was the pioneer in the production of organic fertilizer in Europe. The initial collaboration with a Research Centre (IRTA - Cabrils) paved the way for the formulation of products based on useful micro-organisms.

In 1999, the engineer launched an ambitious project: the creation of a modern production plant located in Tarragona, a particularly ideal area due to its rural environment and excellent climate. In spring 2001, the company released its first product: AEGIS, an inoculum of endomyocorrhizal forming fungi.

Since 1994

Our 20 years experience in natural agro-technologies have placed us as a leader in the sector.

Quality for the farmer

We respect nature and, through this, the farmer can get more money and quality in their products.

At the forefront of technology

In Atens we are firmly determined to start a new revolution: the revolution of sustainable agriculture.

To respect nature and subsequently the farmer can achieve improved profitability and quality.

Our challenge is to always be prepared to solve any issues farmers may have. ATENS is a company that produces and sells micro-organisms and plant extracts for the comprehensive nutrition and protection of plants.

A fondo

Research and development to constantly improve our products

The ATENS factory is located in Riera de Gaià (Tarragona) with modern equipment using the latest technology in the techno-agriculture sector. Thanks to our R+D department that works continuously to improve our products, we carry out exhaustive quality controls on all of said products.

A fondo

The production processes carried out in the ATENS plant are mainly divided into:

The production of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), the production of trichoderma and the production of plant extracts.