Healthy and productive collaboration as a guarantee of quality


Our partners

If you want to go quickly, work alone, if you want to go far, work with others

ATENS' objective is to provide a service. To go far.

With this philosophy, ATENS has transitioned from competing with to collaborating with the leading companies in the agro-technology and research and development technology sectors. Because we believe that it is only through healthy and honest collaboration with companies, farmers and clients that we can meet our targets: offering quality to go far.  


Since the 90s Atens has worked with the department managed by doctor Cinta Calvet and Amelia Camprubi from IRTA - CABRILS.

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Tuscia University

Thanks to our collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Colla. we have been able to develop several efficiency tests for our products.

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to our partners

"We value and recognise the work carried out by each and every one of our partners. "