20 years of transforming agriculture


Our history

ATENS was launched in Barcelona in 1994 with the aim of creating a company dedicated to the production and development of biotechnology for agriculture.

In spring 2001, the company released its first product onto the market: AEGIS, an endomycorrhizal fungi forming inoculum. However, the company's history goes back much further...

Nello Bonino

This innovative project was launched by the engineer Nello Bonino, son of the founder of ITALPOLLINA, which was itself a pioneer in fertiliser production in Europe.

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Working with the Irta

The initial collaboration with a Research Centre (IRTA - Cabrils) opened the doors for the formulation of products based on useful micro-organisms.

Plantation in Tarragona

In 1999, an ambitious project was started: the creation of a modern production plant located in Tarragona (Spain) just 82km south of Barcelona,an especially ideal area due to its rural environment and excellent climate.