Responsible for the environment, land and people



We are land, environment and agriculture. We are people.

After several years during which anything was used to treat plants, today citizens and governments take significantly more care of their crops.


Each year, Annex 1 prohibits phytosanitary substances that are proven to be carcinogenic, including products that are mutagenic for populations and the whole planet. ATENS proposes bringing this period to an end and starting a green revolution in agriculture. Our objectives: Sustainable agriculture, 0 residue.

At ATENS we are highly committed to the planet, we are determined to make every effort to introduce a radical change in agriculture because we want to create a world of people for people. Because the human factor is the most important of our objectives.

Respectful of the environment

The products designed and produced by ATENS are developed to respect the environment and it is thanks to this respect that the farmer is able to improve the farm's profitability and quality.

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The human factor also represents added value for us

ATENS comprises a team of professionals committed to the company and its products. This human factor that has allowed us to create a high quality team means we are able to work side-by-side with farmers to improve agricultural production processes, among others.

Commitment to quality and the environment

Our own commitment to quality and the environment has lead us to introduce an integrated management system combining quality, environment and energy efficiency.

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