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Italpollina is a modern industrialist and leader in innovation, but its strength undoubtedly lies in its historic roots.

Constant improvements to its products have always been an important part of Italpollina’s industrial policy which, thanks to exclusive state-of-the art global technology, makes the most of the properties and potential of the raw materials used (selected with the utmost care). It has never failed to meet its commitment to reduce production costs using rapid and deteriorated processes, on the contrary, it has always tried to reduce and maintain potentially negative factors within minimum limits. It is no coincidence that Italpollina’s facilities are among the few constructed according to the strict standards of regulation CE 1069/09. In fact, Italpollina’s facilities boast the most modern system for the treatment of animal by-products available to date. It continues to be unique in its field, the result of know how generated through years of intense work, experience and development. This is confirmed year-on-year by the hundreds of visitors from around the world who come to Italpollina’s facilities to find out more about its production. A recognised success and reference thanks to the exclusive technology it has.

The goal of Italpollina is to providefarmers with formulas to meet the nutritional needs of plants with utmost respect for the environment and workers